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Exclusive Collection of Handmade Paintings from Artists across Globe

Paintings can enhance the dull walls and improve the aesthetics of your home. For ages, people have used them to inspire feelings, evoke happiness, and convey messages. is the best place to buy handcrafted paintings online by the finest artists all across the globe.

Choose an excellent big painting for the wall of your living room or bedroom. It will become a focal point and give a new dimension to your space. It immediately draws the attention of the guests, perfectly making a luxury statement.

Handmade Painting Collection at offers a variety of original handmade paintings with different themes, colours and patterns. You can choose as per the interior of your home. Like if your room has white walls, you can opt for vibrant ARTZ CITY Wall Painting “colour Splash” painting to give a striking appearance. You can browse the website and find a perfect painting for your home. Buying painting online has added benefits; you can explore the collection comfortably at home and get it delivered right away.

Types of Paintings at

We have a wide range of acrylic, resin, oil paint and other artworks available in various sizes and colour options to captivate you and raise the appeal of your house. Here are a few of our exquisite categories of handmade paintings:

  • Abstract Painting: Abstraction is an intangible part of our thoughts. It translates our emotions, imaginations and memories into artwork. Choose the artwork to which you connect from our range of abstract paintings. Order this abstract wall painting by today.
  • Landscape Painting: Landscape artwork demonstrates the serenity of nature. From vibrant sunrises and sunsets, lush-green forests to tranquil oceans, flowing rivers, fields and mountains, you can find everything here. They can bring warmth to your home.
  • Animal Painting: If you are an admirer of animals, these are for you. The grandeur of the wild beast, positive vibes of the running horses, pastel-hued beauty of birds, strong portrayal of tiger, all available for you.
  • Floral Paintings: Flowers can put your mind and soul at ease. They create a welcoming ambience, burst colours to the walls and suits every corner of the home. You can buy online paintings of Tulips, Primrose, blooming flowers and many more.
  • Modern Art Painting: Modern paintings are unique with a striking appeal. Mesmerise your guests by putting these paintings in your home.
  • Buddha Paintings: As per popular belief, Buddha painting brings positive and harmonious vibes to the home. They have a calming effect on mental health. Buy a Buddha painting from today!
  • Paintings of Indian God and Goddess: Gods are believed to bring prosperity, happiness and good health. Be it lord Ganesha, Radha-Krishna, Natraja, or Shiva-Parbati, we have various paintings available to uplift your spiritual side.