Purchasing is an art and only a few people deeply understand this art of purchasing, while maximum remain confused between good or bad. These days there are a number of online platforms available in Jaipur where you can find home decor items at a low price, but finding a trustworthy site with certainty and surety is a challenging task.

What I have learnt from the online shopping sites I want to share it with you all.

Two years ago, I got my new house at C-Scheme, Jaipur. It was a 3-BHK House with lovely ventilation and interior, but I had to purchase the home decor items for it. As visiting different home decor shops would be some hectic exercise for me, so I thought of visiting online home decor platforms, in order to purchase interior in Jaipur online. I ordered Three beds, one sofa-set, Three carpets, Three big wall-mirrors, some flower vases & two book-shelf from two different online home decor items shopping sites. I purchased some more items too, but I am feeling sad to share that these items couldn’t satisfy me for so long. Within a year I found that these home decor items losing their polish and sharpness.

I found that the wood of the furniture has started losing its shine & texture which was terribly shocking to me as I have gone through lot of expenditure over it. It was really shocking to believe that I have spent my money over worthless objects.

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