Several families around the nation are facing the problem of storing objects in a small place, but some creative ideas can make their living easy. Doesn’t matter how much stuff you are having in your home, if you can develop the extra storage kits, you can stash the miscellaneous objects and can give your home a different look too. With several creative storage ideas, you can provide your home an attraction different which is ultimately going to help you in hiding the objects.

This article will give you 20 creative ideas on establishing the storage kits which will also support you in developing a beautiful home, and you can buy these best quality interiors in Jaipur online.

1. Under-bed storage – A classic option :

Under-bed storage is a beautiful option to stash the miscellanea. These days beds are coming with boxes under the plyboard where you can store your clothes, toys, bedsheets, towels, shoes, or every type of bric-a-brac. You can arrange every bed, in your home, with such a storage option to store multiple objects by stashing objects in such a manner that makes your room look attractive.

2. Magnetic Spice Holder

Every kitchen is not gifted with a huge and open space which depends on the various factors like – whether you are living in Metropolitan cities or some other part of the country, dimension of the space you are planning to make a kitchen in, the width of the slab you will keep your gas stove on. So, if you are not having much space in your kitchen, you can keep your spices by attaching all the spice boxes to the magnetic holder.

It is a need of today and people are utilizing the vertical walls to store all kinds of spices. Just purchase few plastic boxes with a lid and attach a magnet at the bottom of these boxes, convert your refrigerator’s wall into a magnetic wall, and just fix the boxes there horizontally on a vertical wall. This idea is going to work effectively. You can try it.

3. A Blank Wall Can Also Have Some Hangings :

Every kitchen is always gifted with 1 or 2 blank walls which have no use. But,  your creativity is a gift of god which if you use precisely you can decorate it by artistically hanging some utensils.

How can we achieve it?

You just need to collect some wooden boards and by joining them you have to make one vertical wooden board, then apply a little wooden paint to make it more splendid. Just hang it on the wall and attach some hooks to it in a beautiful pattern. Now it is ready where you can hang your pans, tongs, various kinds of big spoons utilized to make different recipes.

Would it look good?

Of course, It will look highly attractive and will add a mesmerizing flavor to your kitchen.

4. A-Frame Can Become a Fold Down Table :

If you don’t have much space in your home, you can have this beautiful concept that will dually help you – In sprucing up the wall of your home or supporting your work by converting your frame into your table.

Would it not disturb the frame or artwork?

It doesn’t disturb your frame in any way as the frame faces the floor, rather than facing the ceiling. As soon as you convert the table back into the frame, it leaves the same impression without getting changed itself. So, we think you must try this at your home to maximize the space.

5. Beauty products Can Be Hanged Through Curtain Clips :

Do you have a collection of beauty products? Are you feeling perplexed to find a place in your home to keep all the products safe? Why worry when all the beauty products can be hanged with the help of curtain clips, instead of looking for a place to keep them? 

Would the plan be suitable?

Indeed, The plan is artistic, inexpensive, and attractive to hold your every beauty item in one place.

6. A Multi-Purpose Wooden Shelf :

Nothing can be as best as storing your knick-knacks on a wooden shelf. Rather than using single, you can use multi wooden shelves for multi-purposes. You can keep books, beauty products, bangles, clothes, stationery items, grocery items, etc. These Multi-purpose wooden shelves not only keep your bric-a-brac & gewgaws safe but also helps in embellishing the home in a very spectacular way. It gives a different look to the home and that too in a royal style.

You can also mount the wooden shelves on the free walls of your home which maximizes the space of the floor and makes the walls of the home look attractive.

7. Wooden Shelves Beneath The Stairs

If your home is not having much space or there is a lack of space in your home, applying a bit of creativity can give you a much-relaxed mind. Every home is having a staircase and the place beneath the staircase is always empty and with no proper storage or use. So, using it by making proper cabinets can be a creative idea and can give you much space to stash objects which are not used in your daily routine.

How can we make the cabinets?

It’s very simple, you just need a carpenter and have to explain what exactly and how many cabinets you want, and then, you can store as many things as you want.

8. Wire Racks for Storing Pans

If you have multi pans in your kitchen you can go for wire racks. You can establish a place under the slab and attach a wire rack to any of the walls below the slab. This would enable you to make your pans store at one above the other which will give you lots of space to store multi items. This idea is much creative and is effective too.

9. Store Your Cleaning Material Under Sliding Drawers :

Many people don’t use the place below the sink in a proper way. They keep the things there, but they get stuck or get puzzled when next time they try to find a needy item which they kept there earlier.

You can utilize the space by developing the sliding wooden drawers where you will be able to keep your products in an organized way and will be reducing your search time if next time you have to find anything there. Application of mind in utilizing these spaces can give you more benefits and can make your home look spectacularly incredible. Also, you don’t have to invest much money, It’s only the mind investing which you can earn huge comfort.

10. Sliding Shelves Behind Bathroom Mirror  :

If your bathroom is not having that much space or wardrobes or you are trying to create space, but not gaining success in achieving it, then you must try creating a Royal wooden bathroom mirror with classic sliding wooden shelves behind it. This practice is going to give you a wide space to stash the towels, oil, comb, beauty products, hairdryer, and every sort of miscellaneous object which a home keeps in the bathroom. Maximum people have opted for this concept in many cities and achieved a beautiful outcome. You can also do this experiment to embellish your bathroom or to give it a look different.

11. Wire Cabinet Inside The Cabinet :

Double cabinets make your problem of keeping the various objects in one place easy. As nobody utilizes the whole space available in the cabinet if it is having a huge vertical space, so the idea of having a wire cabinet inside a wooden cabinet in the kitchen is always creative and a distinct one that will help you to keep crockery plates, cups, saucer plates, etc. This idea will give you more space to store the kitchen items and will reduce your perturbation.

If wire cabinet loosens their grip?

Once they are established inside the wooden cabinet, they don’t easily loosen their grip and remain stuck in the same position for long. You must try this idea to make your kitchen more spacious and beautiful.

12. Sliding Drawers Beneath The Kitchen Cabinets :

This idea is exclusive and outstandingly creative if you have vertical cabinets in your kitchen. Below the slab, your vertical cabins would be leaving space below to them which could be a better option to space your worthless kitchen objects or objects which we don’t use in daily work. Horizontal wooden cabinets can be added to this space and this is how space can be utilized properly.

13. The idea of a Bookshelf Beneath The Bed :

If the space inside the home is not that much and you can’t keep a bookshelf for books, don’t be worried, a different creative idea is there to steal your attention and to keep your books happy. Yes, you can go with a bookshelf under your bed. While many beds have boxes beneath them to stash the miscellaneous objects, but many beds have a bookshelf too to preserve the books. Along with amplifying beauty, this idea will keep your books near to bed which will make your approach easy and comfortable.

So, you can try this new and beautifully looked idea for your books.

14. Shoe wardrobe Under The Stairs :

In Metropolitan cities where people live in less spacious homes, they use this technique to store their things. The area under the staircase is always quite large which either remains unused or fill with disorderedly lying material. So, you can hire a carpenter and can share your idea with him, can explain to him that you want a vertical sliding wooden shelf to store your shoes. This rack will work as a multi-purpose rack, will look like a wall, will not disturb the structure of your home, will be adding a flavor to the beauty of your home, and will stash the shoes. Try this to add a new feel to your home.

15. Mesh Laundry Bag Can Be Hanged Over The Door :

When you have a space problem in your home and you are fighting to find a space for your dirty clothes which you have to send for laundry, you can hang a mesh laundry bag on the inside wall of your wardrobe which will evaporate your all tensions of searching for a right place to keep your used clothes. A mesh laundry bag is the best option for a less spacious home where keeping a bucket can cover a lot of space. With the help of a mesh laundry bag, we can add space to store some other valuable stuff on the floor.

16. Bathroom Door Mounted Multi Cabinet Shelf :

A bathroom door-mounted multi cabinet shelf is always a better option to keep the products safe and that too by covering less space. If your bathroom is not having that much space, you can mount a Multi Cabinet Shelf in the front of your bathroom door or at the backside of it. A Door mounted Multi Cabinet Shelf can keep almost every of your bathroom products and maximize the space available in your bathroom. You can keep creams, towels, brushes, beauty products, sanitizers, cleaning solutions, soaps, etc. This cabinet looks attractive and helps you in keeping the products safe in one place. These days maximum people are utilizing this concept to make their bathroom a little more spacious.

Would it look good?

Yes! it will give a fresh and a new look to your bathroom.

17. Dish Rack Over The Sink :

A dish rack can be placed over the sink to maximize the space of the kitchen which will make your dishes dry quickly by draining the water back to the sink. Made up of stainless steel this rack is rust-free, impressive, and holds a lot of utensils. Moreover, it can eliminate the problem if you don’t have a proper place to keep the dishes in your kitchen. The dish rack not only gives an impressive look to your kitchen but also gives you a wide space to place all your utensils.

18. Tilt-out Dustbins :

Normally everyone keeps the bins at various places in a home i.e. you will find multi bins in a single home. But, those homes which are lack space and don’t have that much space to keep multi bins can go for this creative idea of keeping a big dustbin in a hidden way. Under a tabletop, you can establish a tilt-out bin. These bins don’t look like bins and remain away from the visitor’s eyes. From outside these bins look like cabinets or drawers under a table, but when they are tilted outwards they become the bins.

So, this idea is also a catchy and creative one to hide the garbage and helps in maintaining the decorum of the home.

19. Hanging Magnetic Wall Organiser

A hanging magnetic wall organizer is also the best storage kit if you want to store many things in less space. It is generally placed on the sidewalls of the refrigerator. Due to its high magnetic power, it keeps itself attached to one side of the wall of the refrigerator. You can hang the things on the hooks placed at the bottom of it, can keep something on its shelves, or can place a paper roll in its paper roll holder.

Try this magnetic wall organizer at your home to add a look to the walls of the refrigerator ad to make your kitchen more spacious.

20. A wooden Rack For All The Plates  :

When making a space in a kitchen is a problem, we can try to have a rack for all the types of dishes and plates available in the kitchen. We can ask our carpenter to design a compact vertical table with so many racks to keep the plates safe. It will not only support you in creating much space in the kitchen but will also support you in maintaining the look of the kitchen. So, you can go for this option too as it is an intellectual option with a bit of creativity involved in it.

Hope the storage ideas we have shared with you will support you effectively in storing the things and will help you maintain the beauty of your home. believes in solving the problem of our customers by guiding them accordingly. If you take the help of, you can buy the best quality interior in Jaipur online!

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