If you are going to establish your own garden, you must be aware of some tips which will help you in accomplishing your dream with less anxiety & perturbations. Everyone loves nature and so try to have a beautiful garden in his home, but knowing some basics of gardening can be excellent for you and the future of your garden. Tips can reduce your physical stress and can save the plants for live longer.

So, let’s have a look at some Tips for home planters:

1. Choose the plants you want in your garden :

If you are planning to establish a garden in your home, you must know what to plant and why to plant as innumerable species of plants are available in the nature and you can’t place every plant in your garden. So, the selection of home planters is must before proceeding forward so that you can add the desired beauty to your garden and and give it an incomparable look.

How can you do it ?

You can go with a little home work by visiting different nurseries which will broaden your thoughts and knowledge about the plants and you will be able to decide in a more precise way what exactly you have to plant in your garden.

You can also take the help of plant catalogs or an online tour from the comfort of your home. But, visiting various nurseries will give you a more clear understanding of the plants. It will also give you the idea of the variety of pots along with their sizes which will help you to decide which type of pot you would like to go with and where you can place it in your garden.

Once you do this, everything will be clear in your eyes and you would be able to imagine your garden even before establishing it.

2. Check if the plants are getting proper sunlight :

Every plant must be treated like our own child and must be given utmost care and love as plants are very sensitive and needs proper nutrient on time. Sunlight which plays a pivotal role in the overall development of a plant is necessary for every plant and it is must to have a proper knowledge on how much sunlight a plant needs.

Average sunlight exposure time for every plant is different, so you must know whether you have to keep a pot under a shaded area or in an area where your plants can have a proper sunlight.

Some plants grow well under shaded area while some grow well in proper sunlight and some need both shade and sun to grow well. So, a perfect knowledge of this particular point can make your plants live for longer and will make your garden beautiful.

3. Watering your plants is an art to be learnt :

Watering the plants is an art which needs to be learnt. You must know the proper way of watering the plants and which part needs more water before handling water pipe in your hand.

Well, if we discuss in detail, watering the plants depends on various factors like type of the plant, type of the soil, climatic conditions, season of the year, a hot day or a sunny day etc. These are some of the factors which majorly decide how much water a plant must get. Before watering the plant you can also check the soil of the pot if the soil is moist or dry. If the soil is dry or less moistened, water the plant slowly until all the soil gets equal water or moistened well. Watering the plant in a slow manner makes the water reach to the root which is the main part of the plant water must reach to.

Can we do it fast as we don’t have much time ?

If you are watering the grass, you must water it slowly like the plants, because reaching to the depth of 6 to 12 inches needs time. Grass roots generally grow by covering the top 6 layers of the soil while trees, shrubs and perennials cover the 12 layers of the soil beneath. Slow watering process gives time to the soil to absorb water and transfer it to the lower layers. So, don’t hasten, if you are watering because it is a time taking process.

Why to water in the morning ?

Because, it helps leaves to maintain the moisture for longer which prevents them from dropping down and fills the environment with freshness.

When to water in a day ?

On an average, you must water the plants in the morning and evening hours. But, that too depends on the season. In summers you can go with the same routine, but in rainy season there is no need to water the plants while in winter season it is necessary to water at-least for once in a day.

4. Selection of the best soil :

Selection of the best soil can give you a garden with desired greenery. Though there are various kinds of soil available in nature like Clay soil, Peaty soil, Sandy soil, Silty soil, Chalky soil etc. But, Loamy soil is considered as one of the best soils for growing potted plants and Garden plants. This soil is acidic soil which needs organic matter to be mixed. Loamy soil contains sand, clay and silt in different fractions and doesn’t get too dry in summers – it is something which makes Loamy soil the best soil for the outdoor plants.

5. Keep the similar plants at one place :

Do you know ?

Maximum people do mistake of keeping the plants with different sunlight requirement at the same place which could be beneficial to some plants, but it can kill the other plants which needs low ratio of sunlight. So it is must to know which plant requires what amount of sunlight before placing them in the garden.

A little study on the plants can make your garden green for so long, because it will enable you to understand their requirement.

6. A Regular check – up :

It is mandatory to go through a regular & proper check up of the plants if the leaves are getting dried or they are dying due to extra heat, if the soil is too wet to pass the air inside or if the soil is lack of nutrients.

If some leaves of some plants are drooping down, just cut them so that new leaves can rise from there which will enhance the greenery of the garden. A regular check up of your grade will keep your garden in a proper look and give you peace.

7.  Nutrient is must for plants :

Like our own body which is food dependent, small plants also require proper food through nutrients till they become some independent. Proper nutrients give them a healthy life and helps them in obtaining the proper shape.

Once they become some big and mature, their roots start taking food and water from the different layers of the soil through xylem and phloem. So, try to feed your plants time to time which is must for their survival.

8. Try to establish Plant in Pots :

Maximum people establish some plants directly in the soil or some plants in pots while they establish their garden. But, establishing plants only in the pots is the best thing for your garden as it gives you a number of benefits than planting a tree directly in the garden soil.

Growing a plant in the pot gives you a chance to change the location of the plant if you want to shift it at some other place, later. By doing so, you can give a new look to your garden by changing the location of the pots whenever you want. Moreover, a potted plant can be kept in sunlight or can be kept under shade, whenever required.

It is always easy to water the potted plants where you can notice that water has made the roots wet if it runs out from the hole at the bottom of the pot while it is somewhat difficult in the case of garden soil plant.

For a number of beneficial reasons people prefer to plant the trees in pots.

So, these are some valuable tips which if you follow, you can get a desired beauty in your garden by keeping the plants happy.

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